Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yep friends, it is time for another Magnolia Down Under Challenge and this week the challenge is one word sentiments. I chose to make my card in the shape of the word LOVE... for a couple of reasons actually :o)

The first reason for my card is my in-law's 40th Wedding Anniversary which is on Tuesday, Valentines Day. Forty years is an amazing achievement in these modern times. My parents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in June as well and I am so proud that each set of parents are still happily married after such a long time. It just goes to show - it is possible to get through the hard times and build strength in your relationship rather than let it fall apart. 

To make my card I used my Cricut and a program called "Sure Cuts a Lot". This is a great program as you don't need to have any particular cartridge for the shapes, it uses the font on your computer and svg files. I love it. It gives me more freedom with my beloved Cricut. 

The adorable stamp is from Wedding Collection 2010 and all of the amazing flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

The card has a little pocket on the back which houses the tag for the message. I needed to create this as I didnt want to write on the inside of the card as it would be seen from the front. 

Just another angle and a close up :)

So there is my card. 

I just wanted to monologue here for a few minutes so please indulge me.

When I started blogging a few years ago, I was amazed by the wonderful and supportive people out there in blog land. It was a lovely safe place for crafters and it gave me an outlet from the reality of being a mother and housewife. 
Recently however this seems to have changed. 
There are still the gorgeous people out there and I hope they will always be there. But there also seems to be a wave of bitterness at the moment which, fingers crossed, will pass very quickly.
What happened to old fashioned values? 
Whatever happened to 'if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all"?
Why is there so much jealousy and swiping? Why can't we all just GET ALONG.
We try and teach our children these values, yet we don't value them ourselves. 
Is it because we're hiding behind the safety of our computers that we think we can just say what we want without worrying about the consequences?
There are real people on the other side of that computer screen so please lets try and remember that!
I have no doubt that if we came face to face, a lot of these things would not be said.
It is Cyber Bullying! 

So please, lets remember WHY we all started blogging and crafting in the first place and remember that warm fuzzy feeling we used to get when we received a compliment on our cards. 

We are not here to ruin someone else's day but to support each other and share our love of crafting. 

Please think before you type. 
and remember to 

Have a terrific weekend,
biggest hugs from me. 


foxyenglishcrafter said...

Hi! I am a new follower as I think your cards are awesome. Truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing
hugs Julie

Caz said...

Well said Kylie, and that is one beautiful card.

Marcelle said...

I am a follower for a few months and love your cards!
You make so many beautiful inspiring things that I cant think of anyone saying anything bad about it. But dont let this upset you, and here it goes some love!
Hugs and have abeautiful Sunday!

Cheryl said...

Hi Kylie,
Wow your love card is beautiful, and very clever , the way you have done the front. It is lovely when you hear about long term marriages and relationships.
So sorry to hear that Cyber bullying is happening, I know that saying you used , my mum has said it for years, I always thought everyone was so great in our craft world, it would be really sad to see it change.
I hope you have a lovely Sunday.
Hugs Cheryl

mylkrafts said...

Hi Kylie, you are one great ARTIST. Don't let other ruin your day ;o) You inspire many and one of those is ME . . .

And this L O V E Card shows that your a Great ARTIST ;0)

Lots of hugs,

Cordine said...

Your card is stunning!
And you are a great inspiration to me!

Kim Piggott said...

Utterly beautiful Kylie!
kim x

Rania K said...

Hi Kylie!!! I'm a follower of your blog for a couple of months and every time I see your cards- prodjects, I'm really speachless!!! You are a perfect artist and you ispire so many of us!I couldn't belive that someone can write something "negative" or "bad" for your prodjects!! Please keep sharing all your great ideas!! We need them! About your Love gorgeous and so smart idea. I 'm going to try something like that, as soon as I fix my gypsy! Happy aniversary to your mother in law!! Hugs and smiles from Greece!

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Kylie!
You have put a lot of effort into this gorgeous creation.
Love it.
Hugs Maz

Nicola said...

I adore your beautiful card, so inspirational and such a gorgeous design!
Well said about the cyber bullying - I can't believe how horrible some individuals can be, nobody deserves it and it's so unnecessary.
Your work is outstanding and I truly hope you have not been on the receiving end of any unkind comments. I have 'met' some really lovely people through blogging and would hate for that to change.
Take heart that the bullies are in the minority
Hugs Nicola xxx

Frouwke said...

What a beautiful card!

Marika said...

Hi Kylie

What a beautiful card, this is definatly a piece of art.

The person that gets this is a very lucky person.

Enjoy your day and thank you for reminding us all why we blog.


Brittany said...

This is gorgeous... as usual i love your colouring!!!
And, yes i get your point... Though I myself have never come across a harsh or horrible comment.. but i hope i never do.. All the best:) Hugs! Brittany, xoxo,

Lene said...

Love this card. The coloring is just awsome. Love the way you have been doing the shadowing on Tildas wedding dress. You really know your way with the copics. Inspiring. Added me as a follower and looking forward to seeing more of you fabulous creations. Hugs, alle the way from Norway, Lene :)