Monday, December 20, 2010

Right through your Heart

Hi there! Just me again with another Magnolia card to share with you. I recently acquired this gorgeous Tilda - I have no idea why I didn't just buy her when the collection was released earlier this year, but I didn't and then spent the rest of the year tracking her down!

The cardstock that I used to colour her on is something very new to me. I normally use Xpress it Blending card, but this is Cryogen Irridescent White - and OMG - what a fantastic alternative to the Xpress It. Like the Xpress It, the Cryogen is a dream to blend on (although I've been told it is not much fun with reds), but what is unique is the shimmery finish to the paper. I tried to get a good photo of this to show you but this is the best I could come up with:

Pretty cool hey? I love it. But guess what? IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA!!!! Of course. Sigh. So if you want any, expect to pay hefty postage to get some out here. I have a small stash of this awesome cardstock which I will be saving for special occassions :o) (Thanks so much Claudia). Don't get me wrong - I still LOVE the Xpress It Blending card. I just think that the Cryogen is also a really nice paper

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