Monday, December 20, 2010

Tilda's wishing well

I am very lucky and have been asked to be a guest for Make It Crafty for their 3D challenge starting on the 10th. Zoe very generously supplied me with her Wishing Well kit to play with and wow - it was heaps of fun.

When the kit arrived I was a little... apprehensive :) There were a lot of pieces, lol. And I have to admit, I am a bit of a novice when it comes to assembling kits so I thought I'd be good and actually read the instructions prior to assembling the kit. Much to my relief, all the parts were very clearly labelled and the instuctions very easy to follow. Would I make another one? Oh you bet! I loved it. And - for those of you who enjoy kits that work - the handle cranks and the bucket moves up and down - how totally awesome is that? LOL, I have to say I was a bit relieved when I'd assembled mine that the bucket actually DID work as it should.

I decorated my Wishing Well with some Magnolia images, and Zoe very cleverly designed the Wishing Well exactly the perfect size for Tilda.
I painted mine in Distress Crackle paint "Picket Fence", then gave it a light sponge in "Antique Linen" to grunge it up a little. I filled the little bucket with flowers and glued them in with the hot glue gun.

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