Monday, December 20, 2010

Flying Angel Tilda

Lol, OMG - I am having a little trouble with blogger this morning!! It must have Mondayitis as well. Soo.. those gorgeous girls that visited me to see this post prior to the text going in, thank you very much for your comments! I have found my voice now :)

Yes! I too received my Magnolia Fall Club stamps last week and I finally on the weekend got a chance to have a bit of a play.... and this is Flying Angel Tilda. Isnt she cute? Oh... and I have a little confession... I am a Websters Pages addict. I seriously hope that there is some kind of support group out there for people like me!

The sketch is by the lovely Dawny from Just Magnolia. And I made Tilda actually move... (Zoe - if you see this - Yay!! I made a mechanical card! Wooh oo!!)

Tilda is attached to a little strip of carstock so she "flies". This was my first attempt at doing something like this but now I have had a go, I think I'll be making more!!

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